Saying Thanks

So I spoke up in my Weight Watchers meeting today. I do that a lot. My meeting is full of amazing people. You wouldn’t think at 0700 on a Saturday morning people would be so lively but truly the meeting is awesome! The thing about the first meeting of the day on a Saturday is the people who are at the meeting… really want to be there and are truly motivated to, well… get shit done. I am a front row sitter. Studies show people who sit in the front row lose more weight… that isn’t why I sit in the front row… I just like it better there, and I didn’t know about the statistic when I started sitting in the front row. I am always so thankful for all the information all the members have, and I like giving back to my meetings when I feel like I have something valuable to share.
Today we were talking about “BLT’s” bites licks and tastes, but more specifically being accountable for them. I felt the need to bring the group off on a momentary tangent on accountability. Specifically not taking your team for granted. I had gotten myself into a routine with my new job of going to the gym 3 times a week. I had been eating well, and then… they closed our pool for cleaning. This shouldn’t be a big deal they do it every year, and the nice part a about being a YMCA member is I have other locations I can go to.
Instead of going to another location I started just walking as my workout. While it was an okay thing, when the pool opened back up I didn’t head back immediately. It took a nudge, a strong nudge from my support team to get me to get back into my routine.
Once I got back to the gym, after one strong push, Robb said he had hoped that I wasn’t upset that he said I needed to get back to the gym and that he was only doing what I had asked him to do. It was in that moment that I realized how very crucial it is that we thank our support teams when they step up for us. When we ask for help we do so for our benefit. It’s easy to forget that it can be very difficult for those close to us to step into the “danger zone” and mention things that may be deemed sensitive subjects.
For me things like portion control or going to workout when mentioned by people I haven’t explicitly asked to help keep me accountable might be enough to turn me into a raging bitch! It would make me feel vulnerable and violated. When approached by someone I have deemed safe and supportive it puts things in a different light.
I wanted to remind others to thank their support people and not take them for granted. It can be difficult for people to speak up even when we ask them to do so. Just keep this in mind as you move along. If your support person/persons are mentioning things to you, make sure you are thanking them, because speaking up is hard!

6 thoughts on “Saying Thanks

  1. Really nice to read. It’s important to remember. Sometimes when my wife says something to help it just makes me mad. When I’m finally rational, its all good. Just need to remember this sooner.

    • It is hard to find the balance. I know if I ask for accountability I should do my best not to feel anger or resentment towards whomever is doing as I asked. It’s important to me that I make sure the person (in this case it was my fiancé) keeping me honest will continue to do so. It’s the little things that we take for granted that bite us in the rear-end in the long run. I figured maybe by speaking up and giving a reminder to the need for a thank you to the support people in our lives it might make everyone a bit more aware 🙂

  2. Kris, great point about thanking our support team. I need to remember to do that.

    My meeting is also at 7 am on Saturday and I swear part of the reason I’m still going after two years of being on this journey is the other members.

    See you Thursday in Savannah!

  3. Alex is always doing this for me. Suggestions, ideas, or nudges about one thing or another. My first reaction is always the same, “how dare you point that out about me!”. But it quickly changes over to gratitude once I see the truth in his words. I know he comes from a place of love which is making it easier to accept when he speaks up.

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