Rediscovering Me

So Saturday I started my day like I do just about every Saturday. I headed to Weight Watchers and weighed in, sat through my awesome meeting, then walked to the grocery store to drop off my Redbox rental. After I dropped off my DVD I walked to Starbucks and got my coffee and walked back to where my car was parked. I tried to decide what to do for breakfast, it isn’t that difficult of a decision really.Veggie omelette from Kabomelette I am pretty predicatable when it comes to Saturday mornings, I was so very happy that it was not raining for the first weekend in weeks, I hate when it rains at the market! I headed off to my local farmers market, my favorite place to get breakfast on Saturday mornings. I love to hit up the Kabomelette stand! They have the best eggs! I got a veggie omelet. Depending on what I am in the mood for I sometimes get it with bacon, sometimes I get the hash… which is AMAZING! There are baked goods and such at the market as well… things that look and smell amazing but that aren’t the best choices for me.

After I finished up eating my eggs, I was trying to decide what to do.  The last few weekends, and even the last few days have been so rainy here the thought of spending the day inside at a movie or the mall just seemed wrong.  I knew the MSRA Back to the 50’s car show was this weekend at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. I set my sights on getting there as soon as possible. I made a beeline for the fairgrounds before the day got any further away from me. I chose to park at one of the park and ride lots and hopped the free bus.

Bus Ride to MSRA Back to the 50'sAs I sat on the bus… waiting to depart to head to the car show I thought about a lot of things.  Mostly how far removed I am from my old life.  The fact that I was so far out of what would have been my old comfort zone made me almost shake my head in disbelief.  I was out doing things on my own.  Not waiting to be invited, not relying on others for plans, not feeling like I was missing out or sitting on the sidelines.  I knew I was living.  I remember the first time I did something myself after I moved to Minnesota.  I took a trip to the science museum to see Body Worlds.  I was so nervous… but it was the first step… babysteps if you will…

I conversed with people on the bus, asking what they were looking for.  I sat in the sunshine side of the bus, enjoying the vitamin D… which I would come to regret by the end of the day.

I walked the fairgrounds with my head held high.  I engaged with people of all ages, men and women.  I asked questions about cars, I played photographer.  I moved my body. I leaned and squatted to get just what I wanted, and I can feel things I didn’t know existed in my body.  I came away with a blister on my baby toe, and a wicked sunburn.   According to my Polar Loop at the time I am writing this post I was showing 18855 steps for the day (About 68miles) This is by far my biggest day since getting my loop.  Talk about crushing goals and NSV’s

I shake my head and rub my eyes as I try and remind myself that I am truly just molding my life into what I want it to be.  Yes I have obstacles to overcome, and I face setbacks.  I have stacks of excuses that I could use to justify going back to what my old life was, but truly I was not happy.  I AM happy that I am finding a way to make my life what I want it to be.  I am so blessed that I get the chance to figure out how to live healthy and happy before it is too late.

Oh and because I Had such a good time here are a few photos from my adventure!






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