Red White and Blue Diamonds!

So summer is finally upon us! And I do say Finally! Family vacations, road trips, camp-outs, summer is one of my four favorite seasons! It is also the time of year when I start craving frozen treats the most! However I find that I don’t usually want the dairy based sweets when it is so hot out. I tend to go more towards frozen popsicles, or sorbet.

BDAlmondsLogoWhen Blue Diamond TasteMakers offered the chance to try the Coconut and Blueberry flavors of their almonds I knew there had to be a way to make them into something more than just a trail mix. Trail mix is my go to with almonds. I mix and match all their flavors into some fun flavorful mixes.

I sat for a while thinking of all the wonderful flavor combinations that I enjoy with coconut, and blueberry. Lemon came to mind, as did strawberry. I went to work in the kitchen testing out different ways I could combine things to be a refreshing treat and my favorite way to keep cool is actually a pretty fun take on the classic chocolate covered strawberry.

Yogurt Blue Diamond Almond Strawberries So To make these fun little treats is super easy! You want to start with some washed, then dried strawberries, a container of your favorite complementary flavor of yogurt (the photo is of strawberry yogurt, but the lemon was by far better!), and a few tablespoons of coconut and blueberry almonds chopped.

Take the dried clean strawberries and dip them into the yogurt one at a time. After you have dunked the berry into the yogurt, roll it into the crushed almonds and place on a platter or dish which is freezer safe. Repeat until you have the desired number of strawberries. You will want to freeze the berries for a few hours to set the yogurt and almonds onto the berry (or you can enjoy them just as they are, but I preferred them slightly frozen)

DSC_0002 I am hopeful to get an invite to a fourth of July party this weekend so I can bring these along and wow everyone with them. This is a dish that looks more difficult to make than it truly is but tastes amazing!

Although I received this product from Blue Diamond to enjoy I created my own recipes with it, all opinions are my own and I was not compensated for this post.

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