Feedback Because I’m Still #JustTrollin

So… Fitbloggin is over… back to the real world. Work, life, love, relationships, friendships, be them old or new everything in my life falls under the microscope when I return.  Every morsel that enters my field of vision is being scrutinized extra carefully.  THIS is honestly part of what I look forward to coming back from Fitbloggin.

At the conference so many of us talk about having out batteries “charged” or “recharged” I think of it as being supercharged… and with the creation of #justtrollin and #tribelove I hope that it will allow the charge to last just a bit longer.  I know it wont extend the selfie-shelf life or bring the warmth of the amazing hugs along with it but it might just keep the lazer focus.

Focus… something that I need.  I have heard from several people who read the blog in my offline life, that don’t comment (or rarely do so) that they feel the empowerment that is coming from this blog right now.  The trick is going to be keeping up with it.

I am SO THRILLED it seems that those around me that read my last #JustTrollin blog understood what was going on.  They understood that what I am asking for is to be called on the bull that is going on.  I want to be held accountable.  I don’t want to order something healthy then eat the fries off your plate and have you say, oh its okay… a bite wont hurt you.  I don’t want someone telling me you deserve a treat you worked out, or you need to treat yourself… I need someone reminding me that those things aren’t getting me closer to my goals.

It isn’t that I don’t know that the cupcake is not a great choice, even if it fits within the calorie or weight watchers plan for the day… but there are better choices. It isn’t that I can NEVER have the fries, but I need to be responsible for the decision to have them not take them off someone else’s plan. It seems like people are getting on board with this. Those that aren’t understanding this… well… your relationship with me may have to be put on lockdown… just like those treat days.

The thing about this blog is, since I took the job change that led to my weight gain I did nothing but bitch about what the problem was. I bitched about what I couldn’t get to work. I whined and complained that things were hard and I didn’t have time. Well you know what life is hard and we have changed the situation.

I am no longer in that job, and while I am starting to have progress I am still not giving 100% to what is actually one of my top priorities. I am okay with the fact that one of my priorities is to lose weight. I am okay being selfish in wanting to not be fat anymore… more than not wanting to be fat I just want to feel good. I want to feel “healthy”.

I don’t want my blog to be a reflection of a big whiner that just makes excuses. As Dan pointed out at the welcome mixer, I have a story. I have the confidence to overcome the obstacles that have been placed in my way over and over again. If I can’t go over them I have gone under, or around or even through them.

Why should my weight be any different… well the truth is it isn’t any different. I guess I am again calling myself out in this post for half assing too much of my life. The last two Saturdays I have broken some major walls down in my own active life as far as steps and actual amounts of activity go.

I plan on being active tomorrow, (July 5th) It is going to be hot, and gross, but Sunday (July 6th) is my birthday… I will be 33, and it is time to celebrate another year entering it strong and feeling empowered. The time to feel like a victim for my circumstances has come and gone.

I am leading by example, for myself, for my friends, and for the people who I don’t know. I will not end up a statistic. I will not be someone people have to mourn and miss because I died too young. The time is now.



11 thoughts on “Feedback Because I’m Still #JustTrollin

  1. Well darn, Kris. You got me with this one. Half ass-ing my life is something I’ve gotten real comfortable with over the last 10 years. It shows in every aspect of my life, including my weight/health.

    You probably didn’t intend for it to happen, but you’ve hit me square in the nose and I needed it. I hope you keep this focus and charge. It’s great for you and those who feed off it, too.

  2. I totally feel what you’re saying here. I need the same ass kicking. I just ate a second ice cream sandwich because I was mopey about this cough I’ve got. I knew I shouldn’t but I did it anyway. That’s the crap I need to get called on.
    We can do it!

    • It’s not gonna be pretty Sam. But if you have a cough ice cream is only gonna make it worse anyway!! Mucus and milk products don’t mix! Stop that you need water to thin it out!! I am skipping my water ice tonight…
      I weigh in tomorrow morning… I don’t have any idea where I’m gonna be after Savannah. I’m thinking down… From all the activity But I’m now in hormone hell! But it is what it is.

      • Oh I know it was a dumb thing to do but – emotional eating happens. And I suffered the consequencesast night.
        I did drink a ton of water though! The mucinex is making me feel like I’m made of paper.
        I was shocked I was down after Savannah! All the walking and all the heat/sweat helped I’m sure.
        Just know we’ve got your back no matter what the scale says!

      • Yeah, mucinex is nasty stuff, I take it pretty regularly I’m queen of sinus issues! 😦 scale tells me I lost a pound finally countering the gain I had last month from cake-binge

  3. Here’s food for thought. I am over 60- I remember being your age like it was yesterday. Now I have about 20-25 yrs left. It flies by. Whoosh. Don’t waste it. And also, you need to really think about others helping you along-will they, or will they support your falls and setbacks. Most probably will. It has to be done BY YOU and FOR YOU, no-one else. You can do it, it will be difficult at times, but you only get one life ‘ya know? Grab it by the horns and jump on!

    • I am very much in the grab life by the, we will go with horns 😉 I spent too much of my life sitting on the sidelines watching it go by. It’s nice to be able to be involved now. It’s funny how weird it is for me now to be a part of so many things that I used to be on the sidelines for and now realize it. When I see myself on the sidelines now it clicks and I get so angry that I am watching and not doing.
      I am all for bringing others along for the ride, but I also have come to realize that you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make them drink… so I have left many by the water to wander to where they are comfortable. I will wander back to check on them… but only as I lap the lake. I will keep moving on. We only get one shot in life.

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