It’s Coming! The Wedding… It’s Coming!!!

So before I know it the wedding will soon be here… I am not stressing over it really… It dawned on me last week that there are a few loose ends that need tied up.  Things like place settings, and coffee cups, silverware and napkins to be ordered.  I could have made life easy on myself and just had the caterer supply them… but I like to make things difficult… Actually I just like to be cheap.

Getting married is expensive… and truly for Robb and I at the end of the big day all that matters is that we are married.  For myself what I want at the end of the day is for my friends to have celebrated with us.  A good breakfast with those that have helped form my family here, and those who were able to come from far away to celebrate with us makes for a wonderful day.

We are “simple folk” I am fairly certain that I will be wearing the dress I wore at Fitbloggin, the white and dark navy blue striped one.  Maybe with a shrug, maybe with a belt… who knows.  Robb might be in slacks and a polo… for all I care he can wear jeans. I joke about putting us in jeans and pocket t-shirts… it’s a half-hearted joke… but I am a bit serious.

Our invitations are half-stuffed… not yet addressed… it’s on my list of things to do… They will go out soon… and on them it says Jeans and T-shirts… sweatshirts encouraged. I do not want people in suits… they will get ruined at our venue.  We are truly going for family casual… not even down on the farm casual… like actual relax and just be yourself casual.

We want people to laugh, and remember that you only get one shot in life to be happy so don’t spend it being miserable.  Make the most of every moment you have.  No sad faces!!!

So yes… things have been ordered… I am sure trying to manage things I will forget something… but ya know what… if we forget something… there is a grocery store not far away and I can run off and grab whatever we need the day of!


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