Wedding Countdown 56 Days Left

Can I just say first, Holy Crap! In just 57 days I will have been with Robb for 10 years of my life… that is just under 1/3 of my lifetime… which is truly pretty amazing. We have had ups and downs and have found our way out of the other side.
Our wedding is going to truly be an affair not to be missed. As we get closer to the big day the amount of work to be done has finally started to pile up. Things all of a sudden need to be done… and they need to be done NOW. I am so grateful that I did what I could ahead of time, like booking the caterer. Now I just need the headcount, and finalize the exact number, then take care of a few last minute things for the wedding food. I have a shopping list forming for things I know I will need to pick up… and calls that will need to be placed the day before… to ensure my coffee shows up. (No one would want to see me without my Starbucks right?)

We are now throwing a family dinner the night before the wedding… which has added a new dimension to my planning and logistics. It’s easy enough from a food aspect but now I need to think about timing for other things that I hadn’t really planned on before. So there is a small but manageable amount of stress there. I will be sleeping away from Robb the night before the wedding (awww… but really it’s so that come morning I can get things rolling early and he can sleep… because we will be operating off of his normal schedule. I want him to get as much rest as he can.) We will be getting married when he is normally asleep. We had joked when we got engaged about making our wedding in the middle of the night because no one would show up, but those were our hours.

I am still undecided on what pastries we will have at the wedding… though something tells me that I will be having what I want after all. The overall response to our jeans and t-shirt attire request of our guests has been positive. I know I have been told by at least one person they will be wearing a dress… I can’t win them all I guess… I had hoped for people to be comfortable and I have been told that for some people jeans are not comfortable. My hope was that in putting people in jeans most everyone would match… whether you like jeans or not… that way it would be more of a standard look… but truly I find I just don’t care in the end. (That’s probably a bad thing?)

Today I ventured off to work on a wedding registry while Robb slept. We talked before that it needs to be done, we have a date to go do the Target registry on Saturday of this coming weekend for their Wedding Event, but I figured I would handle Bed Bath and Beyond myself. I went in and met with this lovely guy Josh who was just awesome. He looked at my shirt and couldn’t put his finger on what it was from but knew he recognized it. Once I told him it was from Pan’s Labyrinth he was all over it talking about the awesomeness of the movie. I knew we would get along just fine. I eyed up the Datatrac scanners… that I hadn’t seen since my last job… and knew I was in for some fun. I told him I knew what I Was doing with them but would let him do his job. We had a lot of good laughs, and he said I was a pleasant change from a lot of the couples that he gets in there to register. He has even had a few walk out of the store because they just fight over what goes on the registry.

I took my time wandering around the store. After 10 years together the things we need are more replacements for pans that have been used so much they are warped, dream kitchen aid mixers, then things like the $79.00 bath sheets that are just at a price point that no one in their right mind is going to pay. I put on things like new rugs for the bathroom, and a shower curtain, and K-cups. Lot’s of sheets and blankets… can you believe I logged several thousand steps in a Bed Bath and Beyond store today just wandering around looking at stuff? How crazy is that? We aren’t registering for china, or silverware or things we don’t use, and thought about skipping BBY altogether, but sheets and towels from there are things that we would splurge on for ourselves in due time. Target however is much more our speed. We joke that it’s bad that he is almost 40 and Target is our “Store of Choice” but truly it’s a good price point for a middle class working family.

The other consultants at BBY seemed almost jealous that Josh was working with me. When they would stumble upon me quietly scanning something, and placing it back on a shelf and ask if I needed help I would decline politely and go on about my business. They asked what kind of registry I was putting together (being alone it isn’t obvious) and when I would tell them about our wedding everyone would get SO EXCITED. Not a single one of them had ever heard of a Sunday Morning Brunch wedding before… let alone one feeding people first. When I went on to explain the dress code, I was all of a sudden the coolest Bride they had ever heard of. They all commented on how calm I was, and how I seemed so unstressed about things. It’s easy to not stress when you aren’t worried about things. Robb and I in all honesty didn’t expect anyone to RSVP yes to the wedding… Did I hope people would want to come celebrate and eat bacon… yes, but expect it no. Do we expect to get gifts from anyone… no absolutely not! Did I enjoy wandering around the store being able to talk about the wedding and talk about how long I’ve known Robb and how we met… hell yes!

I am doing my best to enjoy the little things about the wedding to try and not stress over the bigger things… We can’t afford a $10,000 affair. It just isn’t in the cards. What we can do is make the most of what we can offer to our friends and family and have a damn good time doing it. And from the sounds of it… our, not so formal affair is going to be the event of the year.

Has anyone else done a wedding on a budget? Done most of the planning yourself? Aside from knowing SOMETHING will go wrong the day of the wedding… and that’s the thing you will look back and laugh about… (having done this before when I Was young and stupid I know to ask people to silence cell phones now… and at the very least if it rings… don’t have a conversation!!!! OMG… LMAO!)

Time is ticking… and I am getting excited to celebrate with my family.

9 thoughts on “Wedding Countdown 56 Days Left

  1. Getting to walk around Target and pick out stuff for people to buy for me sounds like a dream! 🙂 I hope you get a Keurig, they are absolutely incredible!

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