BMX Bikes with #MegaJump

So I went to the Washington County Fair on Friday. It’s been a few years since I was last at that particular fair. I had a great time. My plan is to spread my photos out over a few days… and I won’t be posting all of my photos (per usual) because I am sure no one needs to see all of that. I selected a few of my favorites from the #MegaJump demonstration that was going on to share.
I could have watched these awesome athletes all day. There were all age ranges there, from a very young rider, to a very good looking gentleman in his 30’s. It had been years since I actually watched any kind of bike competition, but as I watched the announcer communicate with the riders, calling things before they would preform their tricks all of the od things came back to me from when my brother would ride. Things like the Superman and the 360.

So here is just a small sampling from #MegaJump!

Young BNX rider from #MegaJump Washington County Fair
Jump over person Standing from #MegaJump Washington County Fair
Pumped Up Announcer at Washington country Fair #MegaJump
Rider at #MegaJump Washington County Fair giving five
Rider doing a Superman during #megaJump at Washington County Fair
#Megajump preformance of Superman on BMX Bike at Washington County Fair
Older rider passes on Wisdom at #MegaJump Washington County Fair
Boy showing off to one of his idols at #MegaJump Washington County Fair

More Photos from these Awesome BMX gentlemen (and the rest of my fair photos) are available on Flickr!

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