Exciting News!

I have some very exciting news that some of you may have heard if you follow me on instagram or twitter (or perhaps my new facebook page!) I was notified this week that I have been accepted as a brand ambassador for Enell Bras!

Enell Ambassador

I am hopeful that many of the larger busted women out there are already familiar with Enell Bras by now.  I like to think of mine as my Kevlar.  When I wear mine I feel like I am strapping in.  These bras must certainly have superpower because seriously they are SO supportive.  I don’t have backpain, or bounce, I feel “packed” when I am in there.  YES they are BIG, the boobs and the bra… but that is okay.  The hooks looked intimidating the first time I took the bra for a spin.  One jumping bouncy workout in the bra is all it took for me to know my life in sports bras would never be the same.

I have in my life done everything from duct-taping my breasts down to double or triple “bagging” them to stay in place.  I had tried what I thought was every style of sports bra in the book before finding Enell.  My very worst experience, the one in which I thought my working out days were numbered for sure what when I ended up with blisters from my bra.  Both from the wire in my sports bra (yes… as if wires weren’t uncomfortable enough in everyday bras I thought a wired sports bra was a good idea) and a blister from rubbing together.  I was horrified!

Enell has been my savior, It allows me to not feel encumbered by my chest when I work out.  I hope that if anyone has questions about the bra or the company that you will feel comfortable coming to me to ask.  I am more than happy to speak with you about my experiences on a private basis if you have personal questions.

Thanks Enell for the opportunity to represent your brand as I move forward with my journey to a healthier life!

4 thoughts on “Exciting News!

    • Thanks Kay! I am wondering if it would be too much for people to handle if I posted a photo of myself in one of the Enell bra’s perhaps behind a link. They are some serious armor-like major support bra’s. I truly love them! (The ladies at the YMCA laugh when I talk about how I “strap in” for a workout. then I had one of them ask me for more info on where to buy one because of how much support I got)

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