Mopey and Dopey?

So what do you do when you lose your job and you have a wedding a little more than a month away? Well, Since my dress already doesn’t fit, (it’s too big! which is a better problem to have right? because you can’t add material to it!) I have two options.
I can stuff myself full of chips, cupcakes, and Chipotle, and “fit” into my dress… undoing all the hard work that I have fought tooth and nail for being Mopey and Dopey about things.


I can keep going out trying to score interviews, putting my “game face” on putting the best me out there, and in my down time work on me. I think this option is the better one.

What does working on Kris mean? Well, this is things like, meal planning, sending time doing a personal inventory of what I want from life, getting any loose ends tied up that I can for the wedding (though the final head count is not in yet). It is also things like continuing to make sure I am as active as possible.

This morning I was all set to go for a walk around Lake Como. I wanted to get out before the heat emerged, and before the sun got too high. I pulled up to the Lake and saw the rack of Nice Ride bikes sitting there calling my name and I started to think…
MN Nice Ride Green Bikes at Lake Como

The other day I sent out a tweet that said…

“Excuses are the ties that bind us to our comfort zone.”

What was my excuse for not hopping on a bike, any bike? For years post hip fracture I was unable to ride a bike. I lost the internal rotation of my hip after they had cut through the muscle three times. It wasn’t so much the cutting as the lack of physical therapy post-surgery that caused the issues. Now struggling with what we know is tibial torsion on top of things I often feel like I am a mess!

So… Can you guess what happened next? I bet you can, because I am the kind of girl that goes after what she wants when she sets her mind to it.

Nice Ride, behind the handlebars

At first I wasn’t sure this was actually such a good idea. I was unsteady and couldn’t keep my balance for more than a few feet. A woman came and asked me a few questions about the Nice Ride system, and I joked with her that I was learning to ride all over again. It’s true though. I ride the stationary bike at the gym but out in the real world it is very different. There are hills, and bumps, and gravel, and well, terrain! She encouraged me just a bit to go around the lake, after I made her laugh of course, and… well…. I didn’t die!
Lake Como Selfie, Mn Nice Ride bikes at Lake Como

I survived my trip around the lake! I didn’t run anyone over, I stayed on the bike path, despite there being quite a number of pedestrians on it I did audibly call to them when I was going to pass them… which just seemed odd to me… like I felt rude for doing it, but I know it is part of what needs to be done so someone doesn’t body-check me to the ground.

So yeah, I am keeping my head held high while I search for the next great thing for myself. Keeping my positive mental attitude, and taking the best care of me is all I think I can do at this point.

4 thoughts on “Mopey and Dopey?

  1. That lake looks like a gorgeous place to bike! We have CitiBike share here in NYC but I’ve always been too scared to ride on the streets because the drivers are so crazy!

    Your outlook on your current situation is really inspirational. I think it’s sometimes easier to let circumstances get us down, instead of taking on challenges to improve ourselves. There’s a great quote about how if you are feeling dragged down by a situation, think of yourself as an arrow about to be launched from a bow. You need to go back before you can fly forward. Keep on being awesome, I’m sure life has fantastic things ahead for you 🙂

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