When You Struggle

We all have our struggles. Each person has their own set of struggles. They may be with making it to the gym or they may come in the form of making better food choices they all exist. Different circumstances change our struggles. Struggles for time, struggles for money, struggles for any number of things come into play everyday.

How do you manage your struggles? What is your plan of action? Do you have a plan of action for each situation that befalls you? What is your plan when you are struggling to workout? What is your plan of action when you know you are struggling to eat well? How about when you are just spiraling into a bad headspace?

I struggle A LOT with some very serious depression issues, and often I don’t see them coming until I am in the thick of things. It always starts off slow but ends with me completely withdrawn isolated and feeling so alone.

With the emergence of spring now, I know that many of the cases of winter blues are lifting. I do know that this is also another time of year that can be the cause of excuses developing for me.

I know now that I have a whole team of people that I can reach out to. I am in the process of actually WRITING out a plan of action to try and keep the idea that I am not alone in my struggles out there.

What kind of plans do you have for your safety net or your struggles?

**brought to you by Jury duty where you cant use the stairs… Elevators only**

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