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These are some pretty amazing bloggers that have helped me along the way… in no order and this is NOT comprehensive


http://armageddjenn.wordpress.com/ Jenn- Another chickie on her way to getting healthy!

http://alifechangingjourney.com/ Tara- An amazing woman who shares her triumphs and struggles

http://twelve-in-twelve.com/ Ann- A PFG and a Runner!

http://lifeoffthedlist.blogspot.com/ Misty- Life off the D list!

http://www.authenticemmie.com/ Emmie- Former weight loss blogger trying to live healthy and authentically

http://sabrinaisonthemove.wordpress.com/ Sabrina- Getting healthy and Fit!

http://www.fatlittlelegs.com/ Sarah- Has reached her WW weightloss goal! Way To GO!!! You are AMAZING!

http://2sistersbitch.blogspot.com/ 2Sisters Bitch

http://gymgirlsjourney.blogspot.com/ Misty Anderson- Gym Girls Journey

http://www.genesoboleski.blogspot.com/ Gene- An Awesome guy who I got the chance to meet when he was in MN some work related business!

http://www.janellie23.com/ Janellie

http://unstoppablemariah.blogspot.com/ Not Just Mariah… She is UNSTOPPABLE MARIAH!!!!

http://www.shrinkingsara.blogspot.com/ Sara- Learning to live a balanced life

http://www.theantijared.com/ Tony- The AntiJared… do I need to say more? He changed his life!

http://www.fitthisgirl.com/ Mary- A personal trainer in Minneapolis, a Runner, someone that grabbed her life with both hands!

http://www.gustgab.com/ Darci- Her family blog

http://www.themarketingmama.com/ Missy- A blog about everything from life to food allergies

http://kateinthekitchen.com/ Kate- There is some amazing food on this blog!

Want a link added (or removed?) Email me! KrisGetsHealthy (-at-) Gmail-dot-com


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