Big Dreams for 33, and Food For Thought.

33… Yep, a double digit birthday. I am choosing to look at this birthday that has just come to pass as the birth of a positive year.  There are a lot of traditions and stigma about the number 33.  I believe (but am not sure so don’t quote me on it) that it is the Chinese that believe the number 33 and women are a bad mix.  There is some superstition about buying meat and chopping it?  What a waste if you aren’t going to eat it in my mind.

I am looking at 33 as holding extra possibilities for positive things to come my way this year.  33 when separated forms two prime numbers.  Two positive prime numbers.  I am welcoming the positive things into my life.  I spent my birthday setting a positive intention for myself, and for the future of others.  It can’t hurt right?

Thank you so much to everyone that wished me well for my birthday! It meant a lot to me that so many people from all over the world took a moment from their day to think of me and wish me well.  It lifted my spirits so high.  Thank you.

So I had planned on no cake for my birthday this year… and I mostly made it… mostly.  But the #JustTrollin side of me says it is time to fess up.  There was lots of cake… Sunday I made cake balls… actually Saturday and Sunday I made cake balls, but not for myself.  I made cake balls for a baby shower, and it was so much fun.  I sampled a bite of one.  That was enough.  There was also a very small Carvel ice cream cake that made its way into my house on Sunday night.  It was the smallest ice cream cake I have ever seen.  I only ever eat the vanilla ice cream off of those cakes so it was in the end a very successful birthday when it comes to food consumption.

I am working on putting together a training plan for myself this week.  With my epic sunburn still healing and my cold still in partial swing I have been a slacker at the gym.  I have been yelling at myself for not going already this week. Tonight I went to a new pool! Not a new gym… a new pool!

Bloomington PoolI confess… I love to swim… however I do not think that I have been swimming outside, since I was probably 16 or 17 years old.  Yep, I’ll wait while you do the math… yes, that would be somewhere in the neighborhood of 16 years of indoor only swimming.

Today I was brave.  I joined my friends Maria and Jean (and Jean’s son, my favorite little boy in the whole wide world Dexter) and went swimming after work!

imageI couldn’t get over how different it felt to be in the water outside in the sunshine.  Obviously I am a summer baby.  Mom tells me stories of how I could swim before I could walk… and how she spent the Fourth of July on a boat on the lake in a bikini because it was too hot for anything else and she just didn’t care what it looked like she was pregnant and uncomfortable.

I felt comfortable at the pool in my suit with my friends.  I jogged and bounced around in the water.  I swam around.  I soaked up some rays, carefully sunscreened 30 mins prior to going out in the sun this time.  I don’t need anymore nasty burns like the one I am still dealing with.

I can’t honestly wait to go back to the pool again.  I think this may have to become a supplement to my summer activity, and it might just be what I have been looking for to change up my summer routine.

Do you have a favorite activity that is different indoors than outdoors?  I know running has to be very different inside than outside, but I never thought swimming was all that different depending on the pools location.  This has been some great food for thought for me.

Forever Young

Last night I learned something very valuable.  Birthdays do not have to be horrible days of lonesome mourning of bad decisions and years of wasted time.  I woke up to so many birthday wishes from friends on my Facebook that I actually teared up.  Comments on my blog and twitter streamed in along with more comments on Facebook during the rest of the day that solidified the fact that I really truly am blessed to be where I am in my life.  Phone calls from friends near and far and texts came in into the evening.  I have never had such an outpouring of … well what I would call love and friendship EVER in my life.

IMAG0071951309983125722.jpgI went about my day getting things done that I needed to, calling my parents, picking up cheesecake, making a few phone calls that I promised.  Misty (you all know Misty, my sister from another Mr?) had her arm twisted so badly by me that she had to get some cake of her own! (That photo right there is HER celebratory cake for me!!!) I hit up the bookstore today, to get another book.  I need to finish Confessions of a Carb Queen, and pass that along (That will be another giveaway!!! But have you entered my current one?  There will be surprises in that favor bag!!! ), but I always check out the used book stores, they are just neat.

It was a special night, you only turn 30 once, so Corryn and I decided it was going to be a dress wearing night!  I had planned on wearing a dress anyway.  Two days in a row with the dresses! Oh My!  Little black dress was originally purchased as a way to mourn my 30th birthday… boy was I in for a surprise.  I got dressed up and headed to Caribou Coffee and claimed my free coffee before I heading to FujiYa for the joint Birthday Party with Corryn!

From the moment I got to FujiYa and saw Deanna in the parking lot, I started to feel better.  By the time the night ended… Boy oh Boy I must confess… I laughed so hard I nearly peed myself!  We donned our Birthday headbands, I was channeling aliens with mine, and settled into party mode.  The conversation flowed so freely among the group.  There ended up being 7 of us at the party.

Birthday girls

Birthday Girls!

  We sat talking for a long time, wondering if anyone else would show up.  It was just amazing how much my night improved with every passing joke.  The double entendre factor was high, the “That’s what she said” jokes were out in full force.  It was an adult party for sure.  If laughter keeps you young then I think we all aged backwards tonight, we sure were acting like a crazy bunch of kids!  I definitely think that laughter is the best medicine!  As my mood fluxed a few times about being 30 over the last few days I wondered what the actual day would end up feeling like.

sushiI am not sure what my favorite part of the night was, my friends, the endless laughter, the sushi, the ice-cream, but I do know that I have NEVER had a birthday like this before.  I wish I had known that they could be like this.  I want to have more birthdays like this!  It as amazing to share time with my friends.  I love the energy that just flows from us when we are together.

So I handed out party favors, “30 Sucks” lollipops.  They sort-of go along with the whole nights theme of sucking, flowering, deflowering, #creamywhitesauce, offensive words like moist and panties, licking, eating heads, and other wonderfully awful innocent twisted things.  I truly feel blessed to have each and every person in my life, in my life.

I envision a lot of things happening in the next bunch of years… and this group of crazy weird people are going to be an amazing incredible part of it.  So if you stopped by yesterday, or tweeted, sent a text, called, sent a card, Facebooked, or thought of me, You have my gratitude.  You gave me the most amazing birthday I have ever had!

See you all again… Same time next year? Cookout perhaps at one of the local parks?