So recently I have been hinting around on Twitter about a product I have Flipped over.  I have shared these snacks with a few of my closest friends, and even a few coworkers have gotten their mits on my latest fave treat! I was hopeful that someone would out me on twitter about one of my new favorite snacks and no one has!  I snapped shots of the bar code, which features a freakin surfer!  How cool is that, and the packaging which features a girl doing a cart-wheel.


On this new healthy eating lifestyle thing I am always searching for new things to try, new products that might entice my palate or replace things that I used to turn to.  I know replacing one behavior with another is the best way to fix something… well let’s face it snacks are a HUGE part of life.  I on occasion have been known to want a cookie.

Cookies are loaded with crap!  Sugar, filler, more sugar, more filler, artificial garbage, am I right?  By and large most cookies out there are horrible for you.  You can make oatmeal cookies at home that aren’t horrible for you, and that is for sure a great option but what do you do when you are out at the store, or need something to share or want something different?

Happily I was strolling the isles of a local grocery store and stumbled across these little gems called Somersaults.  They are made by the Somersault Snack Co. I have been snacking on the Cinnamon Crunch flavor ones with my coffee almost every morning! They are crunchy and sweet and have a burst of antioxidants, protein, & vitamin E! Best of all I feel good eating them!  I had seen them in single serving packs at Caribou coffee a ton of times and never tried them, and now I know what I was missing and can’t believe it!

Have you ever heard of these little gems?  Have you seen them at your local store and ever wanted to try them?  I checked out the website for the company and they seem to be a really great company very into healthy living and keeping roots.  Very much a circular relationship to many of the things I talked about here on the blog in recent weeks.

So guess what?  After a few emails with one of the company reps One lucky reader of KrisGetsHealthy is going to get their hands on a sample pack of Somersaults!!!


That’s right ladies and gents it is giveaway time again!

So here’s the deal to enter… Contest starts today Feb 12, 2012 and I will accept entries until 06:00 Central Time Feb 19! That gives you a whole week to take the time to head over to their website and check things out. I encourage you to seek out this product and try it on your own anyway because it seriously kicks ass!
One winner will be selected via random.org and the package will be sent directly from the great people over at Somersault!  Winner will be contacted by email.

Write one comment for each thing you do.



Comment on this post (be sure to include an email address so I can contact you if you win!) after visiting the Somersaults website and tell me which of the 5 flavors you are most looking forward to trying!

Additional entries

Follow @SomersaultSnack on Twitter
Fan Somersault Snack Co on Facebook
Share this Giveaway on Twitter (tagging me (@KrisGetsHealthy)
Blog About this Giveaway (link to your blog in your comment)

Good Luck and Thanks for entering!

Disclaimer: Somersault Snacks has provided me with a sample pack to try the other flavors in their line and has agreed to provide a sample pack of their choosing to one winner of this contest. The opinions that these snacks rock my socks are completely my own.

5 Year Plan

Where are you going to be in five years?

I personally don’t know where I am going to be five minutes from now.  The idea of knowing where I will be in five years isn’t something that I think about a whole lot.  I mean, yes I have long-term goals.  Move into a slightly larger place, where my dining area consists of more than a tray on the bed.  Where I can have people over for game nights and laughter can fill my home until the wee hours of the morning.  I would love to see myself continue to he happy, and healthy and making smart choices in regards to what I eat and the activities that I engage in.

So how do I go about starting to plan for my future?  Well readers… I was at the local bookstore searching out a book to read and help me start my New Year right, with a challenge to myself and I found something unexpected.

I didn’t go looking for this book. In fact I didn’t even know it existed!  I grabbed it off the recently reduced shelf and started flipping through the pages.  The book is broken up into 5 parts.  Emotional and Physical Health, Family and Relationships, Home and Community, Work and School, and Here I am Again, Building on my Own Experience Up Until Now.

It seems like a pretty awesome way to guide myself into looking at my future in a more concrete light.  It asks you for specifics, measurable and attainable goals. Plus, it is a hardcover book that you write in… that always makes me feel like a rebel!  ~dun dun breakin the law breakin the law dun dun~

So after only a few moments of deliberation I knew I needed to have this book and that it was meant for me.  Afterall part of this years #DoD was that I am writing in my 5-year journal.  One entry in my paper journal everyday, even if it isn’t anything particularly meaningful. Observations, quotes, thoughts, it all counts.  I looked at the shelf space where I had taken the book from and saw there was one copy remaining and decided that I wanted to share this book with someone else.

That is where you come in!  Do you have a 5 year plan?  Is it written down?  Are you interested in setting yourself up for success in the next 5 years?  I can’t guarantee that it will work for you, but we could do it together!  So I am giving you the chance to win my second copy of this book.

Here is the deal, Winner will be selected by random.org on 1/13 because I like the number 13! Several ways to enter, but you have to do the mandatory one to be entered at all. Winner will be contacted and have until 1/16 to respond or another winner will be chosen.

Mandatory Entry… I am taking a question directly from the book… Please answer in a comment below (and include contact information incase you win)

“If I were describing myself in the third person as a character in a novel, this is what I would say:”

Other ways to enter…

  • Tweet about my giveaway
  • Blog about my giveaway

Be sure to leave a separate comment on this post for each entry and make sure I can contact you!

Traveling Book Winner

Confessions of a Carb Queen, is hitting the road again!  Thanks to the three people who entered the give away.  I am unsure if people just missed the post about the book being given away, or maybe it is the wrong time of year for books to be given away. I would like to thank Misty, Liz, and Meredith for entering!

This means Misty is the winner of the book.  Don’t worry though you will have a shot to get your paws on this book again over on MISTY’S Blog when she finishes the book, that is the beauty of this book! It keeps moving through blogworld!  I thought I would take a moment and say thank you again to Ann, for the chance to read this book. I also wanted to share the other blogs that this book has traveled through.

Where the Traveling Book has Been… and Where it is heading.

I have the boxes packed up and ready to ship to the winners of the big under 250 giveaway!  SO if you won that I will send you an email as soon as they ship (this week!)

Other than that I am taking it easy this week, listening to my body, working out slowly, but consistently. I started this morning out with a nice recumbent bike ride in the gym to try to stretch the pain in my knees and hips out.  I will not give up this fight!  I will find a way to keep moving forward towards my goals.  September is coming and I need to make sure that scale is still reading under 250! 🙂

We are All Winners!

Time and again you hear it, when you lose a game, or score the winning goal, everyone is a winner, and truly if you are doing your best to maintain, or strive for a better healthier life you ARE a winner.

Every decision you make to eat better or exercise you are winning the battle against the odds.  Obesity and sedentary lifestyles are so prevalent throughout the cultures I see most often and it breaks my heart.  So I want to say congrats to everyone for making the choice to get up and WIN!

Now I know why you are here.  You want to know if you are getting free stuff right?  How did I know?!

Well with the 20 hour extension of the contest added to the end time, because I had to work after my day at the State Fair, I give you the winners!

180 pounds lost giveaway Winner #1

Sarah N. From Finding My Fab Self

180 Pounds Lost Giveaway Winner #2

Misty from Life off the D List

180 Pound loss giveaway Winner #3

Marla From My Practical Life

So that is Sarah N (a Blog post mention), Misty (a blog post), and Marla (a tweet)! Congrats you three! I will be emailing you for your mailing information.

Thank you all for celebrating my weight-loss with me!  I hope you enjoy your prizes, remember the Traveling book is still open for entries!

Traveling Book is Traveling Again!

So a few months ago I was blessed to win a book, a traveling book from my friend Ann.  The book is called Confessions of a Carb Queen, and tells the story of how Susan Blech saved her own life!

This book is not a diet book!  This book does not old the answers to the ultimate questions of the universe.  We all know that answer is 42 followed closely by calories in vs. calories out.  This book is however, a true story.  I found myself able to relate to so many parts of it.  While our stories are not the same, our journeys to find a better life, a happy life, a healthy life are.  What each of us strives to find on our journey is different, but we are all searching for something.

So my time with this book has come to an end.  I have read it literally cover to cover, every word.  There were times I had to force myself to put the book down because I had to go to sleep, but I wanted to know what was going to happen next.  There were times when I had to put the book down because I could see so many parts of myself in Susan.  I cried and laughed reading this book and now it is your turn.

There is only one condition to entering this contest, you must have a blog in order to win so that this book may continue to travel through blog world.

How to Enter (make sure to leave a separate comment for each entry)

  1. Leave a Comment telling me your favorite motivational quote, the one that gets your going, or helps you stay on track with your eating or exercise.
  2. Tweet about this giveaway. Be sure to leave a comment about tweeting!

Winner will be chosen Sunday September 28, 2011 at 23:59 Central time.  Please be sure I am able to contact you if you win (i.e. email address).

Be sure you have entered my Hey I’m Under 250 Pounds Giveaway while you are here!!!  There are 3 Prize packs up for grabs in that one!!

My Loss is your WIN

Remember These Photos?

Thats a 180 Pound Lifestyle Change right there!!!

What do OatFit Oatmeal by Better Oats, Raw Revolution Bars, Popchips, Jack Links Jerky, Funky Monkey and Kerplunk and a skinny cow have in common? These are items you have a shot at winning in my Giveaway!

That’s right everyone… I tipped the scales, and turned things around and now it is your turn to win big!  I have now shed over 180 pounds and it is my turn to celebrate!  Much like my birthday It is time to give away some of my favorite things!  So who likes free stuff?  I think we all do!  Who like #WINNING?! (hey, I couldn’t resist!)  I have 3 gift packs to give away each containing an assortment of some of the items!  (This is another one of those self sponsored deals, so sorry if you don’t like what I have to offer, it was stuff I picked out, or in some cases have won, or was given an abundance of either way, my loss is your win!) 

Gift pack #1 Contains A 27 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 Funky Monkey dried fruit snack, a Skinny Cow Chocolate bar, & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar and an exercise DVD!

Gift pack #2 Contains A 27 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 Packet of Jack Links Jerkey Bites, a packet of Funky Monkey dried Fruit, a Skinny Cow Chocolate Bar & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar Plus a workout Dvd!

Gift pack #3 Contains A 17 ounce KerPlunk Bottle (reuseable stainless steel bottle), 1 100-calorie bag popchips, 1 box Oatfit oatmeal (100 calories a serving), 1 packet of Funky Monkey Dried Fruit Snack, a Skinny Cow Chocolate Bar & 1 Chocolate Coconut Raw Revolution 100 calorie bar 1 Set of Polar Fitness Earbuds!

So are you excited?

I sure hope so!  There are THREE chances to win! You can only win one time, sorry but I have to be fair!  Winners will be chosen by random.org on Saturday August 27, 2011 at 20:00 central time. Please leave a separate comment for each method of entry and make sure I have contact info for you (i.e. email address)

So here’s How to Enter!

  1. Leave a comment telling me what your strategy is to get moving during the next week.
  2. Tweet about the giveaway, something to the effect of @Krisgetshealthy loses 180+pounds & celebrates with a giveaway at http://Krisgetshealthy.com let me know you did that.
  3. Blog about the giveaway on your blog!

Good luck everyone!  Not just with winning this giveaway but with finding whatever it is you are searching for on your journey!  #Rawr!!! Keep Fighting!! You got this!!


Ring In My Birthday


For those of you that are living under a rock… Today I turn 30! To honor this fact I am throwing a party and YOU are invited!

As kids we all went to a birthday party right?  We all had that goodie bag to take home right? One lucky reader gets a chance to take home a goodie bag!  Okay, it isn’t anything super fancy, just a bit of nostalgia really.  Today I was at the store and decided that I would share one of my old favorites revisited with you.

One lucky reader gets a chance to take This Home!

SugarFree RingPops


According to the Nutritional Info each of these babies have… 30 calories! That is my new age!  Perfect  portion controlled, individually wrapped and I can be an adult that feels like a kid!

So heres the part where you come in… Want to take home the goodie bag from my party?  It’s Easy! The prize is the 3-pack of SugarFree RingPops, and you never know what else I might throw in!



Thanks to all who entered!

  1. Just share your favorite birthday memory or story with me. It can be a childhood party at the roller-rink or your 21st party where you got loaded on blowjob shots and harvey wallbangers! I want this to feel like a party!
  2. You can Tweet about the giveaway. for an additional entry

Be sure to leave a seperate comment for each entry, Make sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you in you win!

Disclaimer: Winner will be chosen by random.org on July 11, 2011. USA residents only. Contest open from 00:01 July 6, 2011 until 23:59 July 10, 2011.  KrisGetsHealthy.com is the official sponsor for this giveaway and was not compensated in any way for this contest.