So what makes my little bradycardic heart go pitter patter? When I find something new and

Lemon Plum, ripening

Lemon Plum, ripening

fun at the grocery store! Anything from a new product on the shelves or a new recipe I get excited! However it seems rare-er and rare-er these days that I find new fruits and veggies these days that I have never seen or heard of before.

This week I nearly lept over a few people to learn what this pictured fruit was.  More than the “Next great potato chip flavor” from Lays, or the latest new burger combo from Burger King I am googling to learn about this fruit!  I cannot wait to feel the flesh burst under my teeth and the juices flow into my mouth.  Perhaps it is more that I miss summer, and the juicy fruits and wealth of produce that it brings.  The wait to try this fruit is killing me!

I have had so much underwhelming produce lately it nearly breaks my heart.  The other night I ate some starchy bananas, that left my tongue sore. My grapes have been small and sour, my apples are mediocre and the ones I like, expensive.  I spend more money buying the better apples so that I will enjoy them, the Opal apples the Lady Alice apples even honey crisp apples, but they just aren’t up to snuff.  Strawberries and blueberries are okay, but not as good as can be, the quality is just so hit and miss with them.

I am ready for summer, farmers markets, the warm sunshine on my skin.  I am ready for the smell of fresh tomatoes, and … dirt. I am hopeful perhaps some of my friends with larger kitchen space will share their spaces this summer and let me come cook for them.  Let me amaze them with me culinary capabilities to wow everyone.  *shruggs*

Have you tried anything new lately? Is there something in season that I shouldn’t miss?  Do you have a favorite produce gem this time of year that I should be trying?  Frozen and canned seems to be the way to go in the winter… but I am Freezer Burnt here in Minnesota.


Do you ever feel trapped?  Like you will forever be fat? Destined to live the eternal life as the fat friend in the photos, the big one in your family, the one that never truly keeps the weight off? 

Do you ever feel like it doesn’t matter what you do it always remains the same?  Yep, that s where I have been lately.  Playing mini pity-party.  Looking at the picture, and thinking I have no choices it is be fat or be fat.  Truly we always have a choice.  Be fat and happy or be fat and miserable. Be fat and work to change things you don’t like, or be fat and work to make things worse. 

As I sat last night on the recumbent bike riding, being miserable, I thought about change.  I thought about the passion I used to have for working out.  I thought about my love for water aerobics, and my desire to outlast everyone in the gym on the elliptical.  Where had it gone.  My new job had killed the old me, or rather, the new me that came with this job had become complacent when I changed gyms. 

See the SNAP fitness I joined turned out to not be right for me.  It was more of a weight lifting gym, and I STILL don’t know how to use machines, not to mention it was more free weights than machines.  The arc trainer, which I tried so hard to enjoy, turned out to be more of an enduring thing.  The pain it caused in my hip was just not worth the price of admission.  I never built a community there, and I found myself doing things like taking walks around the lake for exercise to avoid going to the gym. Not that that’s a bad alternative but it isn’t truly exercise in the same way.

So as I said a few days ago on twitter, don’t mess with what works.  I have gone back to the YWCA in Minneapolis.  Just off Lake Street.  I have been everyday since I joined.  My schedule, with as many hours as I work, doesn’t allow me to workout like I once did, so burnout shouldn’t creep in as fast, but I know it will… because I have been complacent in my workout. 

Those choices I talked about not having, I had, and I made them… I made the choice to go home right after work, get in my jammies, cook dinner and be a lazy ass.  I admit I made bad choices and they have led me to gain some weight back.  I am not happy about it but I am the first to admit it.  My pants are tight, and it is uncomfortable.  I don’t like it.  Everyday after work I am heading to the gym.  45 mins is my compromise, I don’t have to like it I just have to do it.  I can spend those 45 mins however I like, on a bike, on an elliptical on the treadmill… sitting in the sauna if I really want to waste my own time. but I have to go. 

I thought about making Saturday morning optional, and it might be, after a while, bodies need a rest day, but breaking routine isn’t a good thing, but I get to go in the morning.  I think I might try Zumba Saturdays there is a class that looks like it might work with my schedule, and it might be fun, but I am totally uncoordinated, and if not I still should get in and do something.  This past weekend I got in.  Then Sundays are my Water Aerobics class!!! YAY!!! Back in the water again… where I belong, with my cohorts.  I went this Sunday and it was like being home.  The water caressed my skin and eased my pain. 

I was sorrowful for the time I had been away from it, but not for long, I jumped right back to my old self in class, enjoying banter with the other ladies, and catching up with the teacher.  It was a nice time, it was good to be back, and that Sunday Morning ritual should be an easy one to keep.

So I made the choice, to go back to something that worked, even if it isn’t quite in the same manner that it was.  I had to remind myself that there is always a choice, even if you don’t like the choices that are there.  Once you make that choice, you get new choices, and deciding not to decide is indeed a decision on its own, and not really a good decision. 

So back at it I go… again.

What’s the worst that could happen?

Do you ever put things off?  It can be anything from mowing the lawn to going to the dentist.  Things you know have to be done, but you just can’t seem to find the motivation to do them?  Things you can’t be bothered with like cleaning the windows of your house, because seriously why does that even matter?! How about that sink full of dishes or that load of laundry.  We live in the land of I will do it tomorrow, or I will get to it next time.

How many of us are guilty of saying, I will start my diet tomorrow, next weekend, after I get through this stressful situation at work, after the new year the list goes on and on.  Each excuse adds a page to the book that becomes your life.  Another page you have to look back on and savor that missed opportunity!


Saturday I had the most incredible day, I met so many like-minded individuals at the #PFGMeetup at the Beat Coffeehouse in Minneapolis.  We sat down, in a circle and it was almost like an AA/NA/OA/etc meeting, but way better, super high-test YUMMY coffee (or water, or hot chocolate, or chai).  I am hoping as these meetings become more regular that more people will come and take a leap of faith on their weight loss and healthiness journeys and stop the procrastination cycle.

I certainly hope that so many of the women who opened up about themselves during the meeting know that I will carry a piece of them forward with me on my journey.  I am always learning from others, growing and changing.  I hope that someone took something away from the things I shared as well.  Like I said there are things that I don’t put on the blog, but that I will still talk about.  It is the nature of life.


I am hoping that these new #PFGMeetups will start happening more often.  There is another one scheduled for November 12, at 10am again at The Beat Coffeehouse in Uptown.  Everyone is welcome no matter where you are on your journey.  Men and women alike should come along!

So what have I been putting off that I am tackling?  Well, I got rid of another bag of clothes that were much too big for me.  I wasn’t hanging on to them because I was afraid I was going to need them again… I had plans to get them up on the Great Clothing Exchange website… yeah… I don’t have time to take photos of all that stuff… and the last things I put up there never moved… and it was something I got from there… so into the bin all that stuff went.  It felt good to stop putting that off.

I would like to acknowledge I am lust as guilty for not seeking out help t lose weight earlier than I did as the doctors I had at the time were for not listening to all the other things that were going on.  It takes a team to make things work right.  I waited so long that I was literally in a position that I had to fight for my life.  If I can stop one person from getting to the point where they feel like they are going to die inside of their body, then I know I have done well for myself.

I was told more than once during Saturdays amazingness that I was an inspiration, to which I never hesitated to say thank you.  I genuinely feel gratitude that someone can find something meaningful or inspiring in what I have done.  I find it hard to believe that what I have done is anything special a lot of the time.  I feel a lot of anger that it took so long to get into a mindset where I could say, I will give it my all, if you are willing to help me.

So what is the worst thing that can happen if you put things off… well if you put things off for too long you can face things like increased risk for cancer and diabetes, heart attacks and stroke.  Monday I face a cardiologist and I fear he is going to tell me that being morbidly obese damaged my heart so bad that there is nothing I can do about it.  I waited too long.  Then again, maybe it will be nothing.  What happens when you have a windshield with a crack in it.  It is fine for a while, you ignore it and it spreads a tiny bit, then eventually it streaks across the whole darn thing!

Now let’s think for just a moment, what is the worst that can happen if we keep making those good decisions?  If we keep applying ourselves, making plans seeing them through, using our support systems and giving it our all?  Yes there is a chance that we are going to stumble.  Yes it is very likely that there are going to be things that we don’t want to do.  Whether it is eating veggies, or working out, but DO THEM!  The worst things that happens is you get a little sore, or you don’t like your food.  So what, if you get a little bit more time with your family or some time to do things you like isn’t that worth it?

Just something to think about on this Sunday as I finally go to bed… 42+ hours awake leaves me feeling… well… incoherant… sorry if this post lacked flow!

The Great Minnesota Get Together

I Survived the Great Minnesota Get Together 2011

That’s right ladies and gents, boys and girls, cats and kittens, I FINALLY made it to the Minnesota State Fair!!! I moved here to Minnesota, the place that has captured my heart at the end of September 2005.  So I missed the state fair that year, so I have a legitimate excuse for not having gone that year, however in the years since then what was my excuse?

I was a morbidly obese shut in for lack of any sugar-coating it.  I have previously referred to myself as a hermit, however that is the wrong term.  I kept myself shut off from the world only physically, I would still engage with others online and through video games.  Those damn games.  Anyway, I would hear things about the food at the fair and how GOOD some of those things sounded.  I would also see the photos and video of the crowds.  It was always so hot, which meant I would be sweaty and uncomfortable, and all the walking… No thanks.

So here we are it is 2011 and after having so many people look at me like a 4-headed monkey-goat-chicken with glasses and spiked hair for having said I have not ever been to the state fair Friday I embarked on an adventure!

I had only two things I wanted needed to see before the big reason I was headed to the fair.  Sheep and Art.  Yes, I am indeed a strange girl.  If you have been to the 2 5k’s or seen me out and about in my shorts or a dress this summer you have possibly seen my Rainbow Babaa tattoo.  It is a small rainbow-colored sheep on my lower right leg.  I have had it for years, it means a lot to me, it gives me super powers.  Moving on, I have developed a fondness for sheep over the years, I think it probably spawned when I was a kid, with a shirt spouting ewe not fat ewe just fluffy! I also used to be very involved in the art world.  I used to draw and sculpt, I wasn’t fantastic at it, but I enjoyed it.  I enjoy seeing the work of others, and this year after 6 previous attempts a friend of mine had his sculpture accepted into the art exhibit.


So once at the fair a loop thru the Dairy building to see the “Butter Sculptures” was a must for any “State Fair Virgin”.  I wasn’t super impressed I had seen them at the farm show before.  In Pennsylvania they use about 1000lbs of butter for the sculpture but it was cool none the less.  Then it was time for the Miracle of Birth Center, where… a Miracle was happening!  A calf was being born!  I being the classy chick I am have seen this before too, not super interested in cow-spawn.  Cows make me want dinner.  I like them raw, so warmed up already makes them extra tasty!  There we little yellow ducks!  They reminded me of Ming-Ming from the Wonderpets as they tried to flap their winds hard and move around! It was adorable!  (Yes I have watched that show shut up!)

BabySheepI was SO excited to turn left from the duckies and see the legs of a tiny little lamb!  The day before at the fair a set of twinsies were born!  I could have easily plopped down and spent the day watching the little tiny sheep wander around the pen.  They look so adorable!!

nurseingI had to resist the urge to grab the sheep and run away with it.  I think that would easily get me banned from the fair for life.  I did linger around watching a few other sheep for a while.  The labored breathing of a few of the other sheep told me they would likely be birthing soon as well.
babypigI kept moving on and found some cute little piglets to squeal over!  Yes I did actually squeal, they were so cute and tiny!  Visions of Charlotts Webb danced in my head as I looked at the tiny pigs.  It was explained to me that the blue bar in the photo to the right is there to keep Momma Pig from rolling onto the wee-ones.  She can lay down and the piglets have a place that is safe for them to wander around and not be crushed.  feedingThis also allows the piglets to gain access on the other side to be able to feed when she does lay down.  This little piggy clearly decided it was lunch time! They were so tiny but so wiggly and active!

From there you know I had to head to the Sheep barn… did you know there is a whole barn for just the sheep?  (in a sing-song voice) ~LOVE IT!~ I wandered around looking at all the sheep, admiring all the coloring and shapes and sizes of sheep.  I love them all.  There was however one very large sheep, that I think was a small pony as it was wearing its judging coat.  It was much taller and wider than the rest.

MyTalk1071There are lots of radio stations at the fair.  Among the ones I regularly listen to is MyTalk107.1 which is a talk radio station based here in the twin cities.  I managed to catch the end of Lori and Julia’s live broadcast from the fair before they had to go back into their RV for the rest of Project Down and Dirty.  (they were raising money for charity by staying in an RV for the first 52 hours of the fair!)  Every Friday they end their show with a sing along.  This weeks show ended with I Will Survive, and Jason, Alexis, Ian, Margery, Colleen, & Reuvers all came out of the RV and were dancing and singing along!  It was great fun!

SpinnCycleAfter hanging out at the radio station booth it was time to go to the Fine Arts Building!  As I mentioned earlier a friend of mine had some artwork accepted to the fair this year!  This marks the second friend of mine that is awesome-sauce and has the guts to put thier talent out on display!  (Way to go Jenn & James! I am so proud to know both of you).  I didn’t just make a bee line for my fave artist at the fair either.  I took the time to wander around and look at everything.  There were paintings of sheep, a sculpture made from return address labels, some metal work, some cool tornado photography and other amazing things.

foodHunger was starting to strike.  One of my strategies for the state fair was to eat something before I went.  I had a bowl of green beans with some homemade tomato sauce earlier in the day which had kept me pretty satisfied for the day.  I had one of those infamous Blue Ribbon Bargain Books, I flipped thru it looking for any ideas for dinner.  Dino’s Gyros looked safe.  I remember Jen, a PriorFatGirl had a trip to Dino’s, and I have their nutrition information on my computer, since I actually really enjoy their food.  So I had a gyro at the fair.  I didn’t eat all of it.  I left 1/3 to 1/2 of the pita behind.  I felt full, I had been drinking water all day.  Awesome!  The food building had been avoided.

I know there has been a lot of State Fair anxiety expressed among my friends this week regarding the food at the fair.  Some people choose to just avoid the fair, and that is perfectly acceptable.  Others have adapted the 3 bite rule, or share the food method.  Whatever works for you I say go for it. I will say for the record I left the Fair again without my Funnel cake!  In fact I think I only SAW one funnel cake the whole time I was at the fair!

While I was at the fair I got an unexpected text!  Turns out Samien was at the fair too!!! It was an awesome surprise!  Now comes the real test of the fair… finding someone.  I continued my trek around the fair, knowing we were both heading to the Leinie Lodge for a good Time (hehe, see what I did there?)

A quick lap through the International Bazar was made, just to look around.  Lots of stuff to buy, and my wallet stayed in my bag.  I don’t need more of anything right now, but there was tons to look at.  Then I headed up to the bandshell.  For a brief moment I wondered how many calories I had burned for the day, not so that I could eat more, but because I had not really spent much time sitting still.  I thought about how I had been walking for hours and how far I had come.

The place was PACKED!  Apparently Morris Day and the Time should have been booked into a bigger venue!  Everybody loves the time! Samien texted about how crazy it was, and I didn’t worry too much figuring I would wander around a while, since there were no seats.  Up the Isle I went, to the end and heard my name!


Look at that!  We found each other!!! The great Minnesota get together brought us together!  We chatted through the pre-concert awkward music.  Seal’s Kiss From a Rose… really?  Wrong crowd, at least I felt it was wrong.  It was awesome to meet finally!  After what seemed like hours of asking “What Time is It?”… its was TIME!!!!!

They were AWE-SOME!  They played their big hits like Cool, The Bird, The Walk, Ice Cream Castles, and of course Jungle Love.  I couldn’t really see the stage, as people were STANDING on the benches.  (how rude!)  But I shook my fanny through the entire show!  It was awesome!!

That was the end of my night at the state fair.  I left without any cheese curds, or funnel cake.  No mini doughnuts crossed my lips, no soda in my veins.  My step count according to my BodyMedia Fit was over 11,000 steps for the time spent at the fair.  There were things that perhaps posed a temptation to me, but not a single thing there was worth blowing all my hard work on.  However, I went into the fair with the availability of nearly my entire days worth of calories at my disposal.  So if I were to eat something that wasn’t the best choice it would not be the end of the world.  One decision does not define me.  Whether it be a successful choice that I would make again or one that I would dare never repeat.  These are life’s lessons.

So my impression of the fair?  I can’t wait to go again! I had SO MUCH FUN!  There is so much more I want to see and so much more I want to do!  I didn’t get to explore all of the buildings.  I did see the DNR, but I didn’t get to see the Eco building.  I may want to photograph the midway, I definitely need to spend some more time there.  It was very cool to watch the people.  I couldn’t ask for a better day to have gone.  So much to see and do.  I even signed up for info on next years Milk Run!

So do you have a Fair story? Any tips or tricks to help you stay on track around all that deep-fried food?  Did you go to your state fair?  How did you do?  Do you call it a cheat day and just write it all off?  Do you stay on track?  I even took some food with me into the fair if I felt like I had to have something like popcorn!  🙂 Be Prepared, its not just a motto its a lifestyle!

Super Sunday!

You know it is going to be a great Sunday when you get to do something you have never done before right?  Pushing your limits, testing the waters, and trying new things keeps you young and keeps you full of life.  This Sunday happened to be one of those awesome days!

A few weeks ago I was on Facebook and saw that one of my friends there Bonnie Matthews had posted a photo, and was talking about how cool it is that people in Minneapolis mis herbs into their flower gardens.  Little did I, or anyone really, know that she had moved to this great city! I told her to enjoy what I thought was her vacation here, and was informed that she had moved here.  I was elated and excited beyond belief!  Bonnie is an inspiration to me, she has transformed her life with healthy eating and exercise and just has an amazing spirit.

I was so pumped when she said we should meet up at some point as she gets settled into her new digs here in the city.  During this last week we figured out that we are both members at the YWCA!  So we talked about a plan, and you got to love it when a plan comes together.  A workout and lunch, sushi to be specific!  She had not yet been to Tiger Sushi on Lyndale, home to my latest obsession “The Volcano”

Bonnie and I met up at the YWCA and we did something I have not done up until this point… ready kids… I did weights!  That’s right… I was lifting!  Nothing super heavy, nothing extreme, but I joined Bonnie for a leg day workout and it was fun!  She showed me proper form for the machines, and some exercises I can do with the ball and whatnot.  It was really fun, and a lot of work!  We did a few planks as well.

Let me tell you she is a powerhouse!  I cannot believe the strength in this woman!  I saw her do some amazing things, her planks with one leg, side oblique work, this thing in the roman chair where she had a 2-pound medicine ball between her knees and was holding herself up while crunching with it… freakin amazeballs!  She really makes me want to work on my muscles!  The cardio is great, but I need and want to become stronger.

Our conversations flowed non-stop, it is amazing how two people can just click.  I am so happy that she is here in Minnesota, it is just such a good fit for people who want to live a healthy life.  It is a place where I have found such happiness and healthiness and I really think it something you can’t understand unless you have been here to experience it.

We had lunch on the patio at Tiger Sushi, the sun was out, there was a nice summery breeze and we continued to chat non-stop.  We spent several hours together Sunday afternoon, yet it seemed like very little time had passed.  I think Bonnie and I will likely become very good friends, and I know we will be working out again together soon.  There are many more thing for Bonnie and I to chat about for hours and many more things to experience in this city, not to mention it ROCKS to have someone at the gym with you.


I would love for you guys to learn a little bit more about Bonnie’s story, she really is an inspiration.   Someone who changed her life, dropped over 100 pounds the same way I am doing it, with diet and exercise, isn’t a bad influence.  So Please feel free to go and check out her personal home page as well as her page for the Dr. Oz Show! That’s right she is one of Dr Oz’s Wellness Warriors!  You can also find her on Facebook, where there is usually a lively discussion on her wall about all kinds of things!  You should check it out!  You wont be dissapointed!

What If? As If!

So Thursday I went out for a bike ride with Corryn and Nick.  You guys know Corryn and Nick, they did the CC Hearts and Minds 5k with the #f2fpack!  They are very awesome people!  Well, they got to be the first people to join me for a bike ride.  Other than my outing in the parking lot the day I got my bike, and my in the dark trek to the gym which resulted in the squirrels trying to commit suicide in front of my bike I haven’t done much riding.

So I rode my bike to our meeting place, and got there in enough time to take a small rest before we went on our outing.  As I sat outside SeaSalt, a local apparently very popular summertime eatery that I had never been to before, my mind started drifting back to the what ifs that had plagued my mind since I said okay to biking with people.  This was not a good place to be in my head.  What if I can’t keep up with them?  What if the trail is too steep?  What if I fall? (which we established the answer to this is I get back up and ride again) What if I cry? What if this, what if that… I shifted my focus to the tables of people around me.  I tried to be in the moment.  I rode my bike there.  I did it.  I made it that far.  I had not been run over.


Be in the moment

A few minutes later my cohorts arrived, on schedule and we debated which way to go.  None of us had ever ridden there before, so we were all kind of unsure of the way we wanted to go.  So we headed off.  We rode for a bit, not too long.  My mind worried that it wasn’t worth it for Corryn and Nick to have come all the way over to Minnehaha Falls to just ride the short amount that we did, and I told my brain to STFU!

After our ride we checked out Minnehaha Falls.  I had never been there before.  Now when I say that, some people might just say what is the big deal, they haven’t been there either.  What you fail to realize is that I live less than two miles from this…


I live in a city, a major metropolitan area, and less than two miles from my residence is this beautiful piece of nature.  Who knew? Well, pretty much everyone except me!  So now that I know it is there I plan to return to see it during all the seasons.  Corryn and Nick pointed out the stairs… my old enemy… stairs… that lead to the bottom area of the falls. We headed down to the bottom of the falls.  Down the steps we trotted, I thought about how I would have never ventured anywhere near these steps even a year ago.  It would have been too much.  It was already a humid day, but the falls themselves were giving off a mist of their own.  We could feel the humidity climbing as we descended into the cavern.  We reached the bottom of the falls and boy was it misty.

Corryn and Kris at Falls

We explored the bottom of the falls a bit, walking up the creek and laughing.  We discussed how the falls have actually moved over the years.  That relates to how small changes lead to big success.  It was very profound actually.

We climbed back up the steps, and I noticed benches at each “landing” of the stairs.  No Breaks!  We kept climbing all the way back to the top… and when I reached the top I did a little Rocky style victory jump pumping my arms.  It was about time for me to head home, I had to ride back before it got too dark, so we unlocked out bikes, each a different style, and we headed out.  Corryn told me I need to learn to tell people who I am on their left or right, that’s helpful, I never thought about that before.  However I had survived.

On my ride back up Minnehaha Ave I had some thinking to do… and the What If Crew came back.  What if they are talking about how bad a ride it was, how slow I was, how short the ride was.  I got closer to home and shook my head, literally and got those thoughts out of my mind.  I lugged my bike back up the 3 flights of steps and I was back where I started.

I met up with Meredith and filled my tummy with fresh fish and veggies at Wakame Sushi!  We gabbed about the world and diet and fitness.  I headed to work after sushi (NOM!!!! So happy I put this on my 2011 to do list!) and late into the night when I was driving back from a pickup with some cargo on board I was thinking about my day.

I thought about all of the time I had wasted thinking about the what if’s of not being fast enough, or able to ride for long enough, or able to keep up, or able to *whatever* and for one brief moment I had… clarity.  I pulled over to the side of the road and reached for my notebook as the words came out of my mouth I wrote them down.

What If I am Good Enough?

How profound is that?  If just for one moment I let myself think about it.  Then I was back on the road.  As I drove up the highway passing the exits I have driven past several times this week I let the thought sink in that I can be good enough, as long as I am giving my 100%.

I started to think about how scary it can be when you accept that you can be good enough, because it really means that you are giving it your all.  It also means that failure can happen.  For me on this journey, this time failure is not an option.  There is only my way, no highway option.  I cannot go back to my old life, because that was no life.  I will not go back to the way I was living existing before this.   I have gained too much, and I have too much to lose.

So perhaps, as you head out to face your challenges this week, to push or your goals you can remind yourself that maybe you really are good enough!  Why, because you tell yourself so!  You don’t think so, well why not?  Don’t short yourself, don’t waste the energy being so negative!  You are good enough!  You deserve this!

Give it a Tri!

I have come to realize that others can see things in me that i cannot yet see within myself.  Be it strength or courage or even a girly side that I never knew was really there.  This is where my dear friend Mariah comes in.  Have you heard of Mariah?  Did you know she is Unstoppable?  I know I have written about her on my blog before, I first met her a few months ago at a PriorFatGirl event.  She was sharing the story of how she found her way into becoming a triathlete.  Mariah is an incredible woman.  A Mother, a friend, a motivator.  She is strong, confident, smart, funny, and AMAZING.  A few months ago Mariah was all set to have an awesome active weekend doing her thing at a Tri called Trek.  Just before she was set to leave for Trek a setback occurred.  She was injured and unable to compete!  You can go back and read her blog a bit and see some photos of the injury etc.  It is quite a read, in fact her whole blog is quite a read!

She has had a long slow recovery from her injury, but she is a fighter.  She also is an encourager!  She can look at you, and see things in you that you can’t see in yourself.  She has pulled me aside more than once now and told me I am destined for great things, and by great things she means Tri’s.  That scares me!  That is SO MUCH WORK!  So to ease my fears, she invited me, and everyone else to come cheer at the next tri she did.  That happened to be this past weekend!  So Sunday our very own #Fat2FitPack member Mariah made her TRIumphant return to the triathlon circuit!  I could not be prouder!

So off I went to Lake Nokomis in the early hours (okay, early for some, late for me I had finished work at 4:00am.) The sun was out, the grass was dewy under my sneakers as I made my way across the field and to the lake edge where the Tri would start.


I was pretty excited to look around as this Tri was put on by my gym… the YWCA of Minneapolis

I didn’t spend much time wandering around though, I wanted to find Mariah! We got to chat a bit before she had to get ready for her heat to start.

Mariah explained to me that women of all ages and shapes and sizes do the TRI, and she was right, I would later see a woman who was in her 60’s and I wouldn’t believe my eyes. How did I know she was in her 60’s? Because all participants get their age put on the back of their calves! YAY! An excuse to write on yourself!

Before we knew it Mariah’s heat was hitting the water and away they went swimming their hearts out! People were cheering, cowbells were ringing and the energy of the crowd was electric! It made me want to jump in the water for a swim for sure!!! We cheered as people came out of the water! We cheered for everyone, not just Mariah, and I laughed as I looked around and saw people I recognised from my gym, both volunteering and racing!

Once you swim, you are onto the ride of your life! All I can think of is how much my ass would hurt after a ride like that… but Mariah mounted up and away she rode!

When she got back, her husband, Paul (who I want to call Pauly for some reason, perhaps too many Pauly Shore movies) and her daughter Hannah and I, along with Corryn, Meredith, Ann and Jay nd I were SCREAMING her name and cheering for her. This was our chance to see in her what she sees in each of us. The determination the pure will the strength to be amazing. Mariah was truly being her Unstoppable self. She was in pain.
As we shouted and screamed to cheer her on, she made her way through the transition area and started the run.

As she got closer to us during the start of the 5k portion it seemed as though her endorphins were kicking in and her confidence started to grow a bit more. Maybe it was all the reminders we were yelling that she could do this!

We cheered for so many people, Ann really is amazing at motivating people during the race! I think perhaps it is because she has done so many races in her time. We moved toward the Finish Line, and started cheering from there. So many athletes it was amazing. The energy was just electric! Watching people complete the Tri was inspirational. Here comes Mariah approaching the finish line!

Our brave warrior finished the Tri! She fought through injury, and a shot recovery to finish this tri. She didn’t have enough time to train the way she wanted to for this tri, but you know what, She did it! Mariah you are Amazing! I followed her to the First Aid tent for some ice right after she crossed the finish line to get a comment.

Mariah do you have any comments for our readers out there in Blogland…
“It was so Amazing Kris, When everyone is cheering your name. You have to do this next year, you HAVE TO. I see a triathlete in you. You can SO do this.”

So this is the crew that everyone will be cheering on next year at the YWCA Tri? You never know Strange things can happen! Y-Tri? Y-Not?!

And remember kids… Mariah says it, because she believes in all of us
(sign made by Ann)