Snow what so what! Get it? It’s a lame attempt at humor but really it is no laughing matter.  Once again Minnesnowta has been hammered with snow.  Clearly the blame is to be placed on the KARE 11 weather man Sven Sundgaard who said the words of winter is behind us.  Although he maintains he was only speaking of temperatures I stand by the fact that you screwed us! 😀 Between you and that groundhog I think spring will never actually come!

So yesterday (Sunday) is my big day of from work.  Robb and I usually spend the day doing mundane things like grocery shopping and just normal things like hanging out.  With the impending snowageddon (V2.0?) as the tweeps had dubbed it Saturday night towards the end of my shift I stopped at the store and grabbed spaghetti fixin’s. 

Sunday was spent with the curtains pulled shut sipping tea and trying to relax.  It was a bad day.  I had some bad news about a friend passing away, and my childhood cat being sick and likely needing to be put down this week. It was a rough night. We had a big dinner of spaghetti and sausage, my sauce was full of veggies, lots of squash and garlic.  It was divine!!! Fresh garlic bread and I managed to not overeat!  Victory!!! I took a small plate of food, ate it, and when I couldn’t decide if I was still hungry I set a tier for 5 mins still could not decide and I ultimately decided I must not be since I was not sure. 

So today Minneapolis finally declared a snow emergency.  This means the landlords come and plow the parking lot.  This also means I don’t get a full nights sleep.  Luckily MnDot has been out plowing since the storm started, at some point a plow went up our alley and pushed a wake of snow in front of my car.  So I got to dig my car out this afternoon and as I dug it out I was weighing my options for the day.

Should I go to the gym?  Does clearing my car and digging out the little bit that I needed to shovel this time count as a workout?  What if the lot at the YWCA isnt plowed?  What if I get stuck driving between here and there?  What if I get there and they are closed?  Do I really feel like going? 


YWCA Midtown


What does that paragraph sound like?  That’s right! Fat Lazy Lame-ass Kris coming out to play in the snow again!  Oh HELL NO!!!! Suck it up Princess, I looked on Facebook to see if anything had been posted about the gym being closed.  Nothing, they posted when they closed early yesterday.  So guess what princess, it is a gym day.  NO EXCUSES!

Doin My Thing Going To the Gym!

Doin My Thing Going To the Gym!

So when I got to the gym… they were open! The parking lot was fairly empty!  What happened to all those January joiners? Where are all my pals?  Even last week the lot was full!  Did the snow keep you away?  I am okay with that! I got a great parking spot, not too close not too far.  I got my pick of the best lockers in the locker room.  I took 5 mins to relax in the sauna before venturing into the pool area.  No one was in there as the heat met my body like an old friend.  So nice after this weather.  10 minutes before my class started I figured I would poke my head into the pool area.  Usually the pool is full of people doing laps, or kids splashing up a storm.  It was empty.  Some of the lanes had been moved already so into the water I went!  I started my workout early!  Only 3 of us showed up!  Apparently at the morning water aerobics class there was only 1 person that showed up!!! Talk about getting bang for your membership-buck one on one water aerobics class!!!

Class was great, I enjoy the big classes, and I missed seeing my regular friends but the small classes really give us a chance to focus and work hard.  We are really going to focus on some core work in the next few weeks.  Should be great I can use some work in that area. (Can’t we all?)  After class the pool had no one in it except me.  I did some laps, then someone else joined me in the pool for a private swim lesson.  Still 2 people in the whole pool.  That is awesome!  I had a great workout, what a reward for telling myself to Suck it up!

Old Kris, you didn’t win this time!  You got slammed!  No Excuses No Regrets!

Splashy Splashy Crashy!

On a good week I take 4 classes a week, each about 50-55 mins.  They are what I do for weight-training/strength training.  Water has something like nine-times the resistance of air.  So it is a really great workout if you have bad joints or are just starting out with exercise.  (If you live near me and want to try it out I have some guest passes you can join me some night!)

Monday and Wednesday are taught by a very Mom-like teacher who oddly shares the same name as my mom.  She worries when I am not in class for any amount of time.  As do the other ladies in the class.  We are a family, a community.  Just like the bloggers these women support each other, whether it is potluck dinners to retirement parties.  How very very Minnesota eh? The class is a good pace, and a mix of shallow and deep water exercise.  We get our heart rates up with things like cross-country skiing in the water and jumping jacks.  We head to the deep water and work on our abdominals and our other muscles with the use of weights or sometimes noodles.  It is FUN!

Tuesdays is what I like to refer to as the hardcore class.  It is a deep-water class and you need to be prepared to work.  We do everything from swimming laps to trying to push ups on the edge of the wall.  This is a hard class.  Most of us use a float belt, I can do the exercises without them, however wearing one allows me to focus on my form.  This is not a class for the faint of heart.  You WILL work your ass off.  I LOVE this class. 

Thursdays however have become the thorn in my side.  The workout is always the same.  Monotony thy name is Thursday.  The workout is UBER BORING.  I can barely get my heart-rate up with the exercises the instructor has us do.  I push myself hard during class, afterall all these classes are do what you can do go at your own pace kind deals.  However it still isn’t enough.  I still go, I take the class, but this is like my night of, easy working out.  Do any of you have a class you take just to get it done but don’t click with the instructor because it just isn’t enough of a workout?

So tonight I readied myself for the gym.  Grabbed my suit and towel, and clothed to hit the elliptical after my swim.  Headed down to the car cleared off the snow from my car completely.  Yes front and back windshield, side windows in front and back, mirrors clear headlights free of snow, brake lamps etc.  I headed out to the gym, the alleyway was slick from the fresh snow on top of the ice and packed snow.  I headed down the road, saw the first car run the stop sign.  This is a usual occurence.  No one seems to understand that those stop signs are actually there for a reason.  I proceed down the road, as I don’t have stop signs. getting up to a whole like 10 MPH approaching the second intersection and guess what… someone runs that stop sign too.  I apply the brakes but she was not only running the stop sign but running it in the wrong lane. (she would have hit any oncoming car!)  CRUNCH!  I had no stop sign, she ran hers, no one was injured.  Her toddler was not in a car seat.  What a freaking mess!  I ask for her license and insurance info only to find out… she is not insured… and her license has the corner clipped.  (making it invalid) 

What a mess!  So I didn’t make it to the gym.  Instead I came home, by the time I got her address and phone number and her man showed up to explain that they were “going to pay for it they promise”  and “stop by tomorrow and we can go take it for an estimate at their friends shop” I had already missed the start of my class. 

I am not an emotional eater but for some reason tonight I just REALLY want to sit down and curl up with a bag of junk food and veg out in front of the tv. I will be making up for my lack of a workout with what would have been an extra workout on Saturday.  But UGH!!! So frustrating.  So I will alternate my Diet Root beer and water while I bake my stress away and avoid the potato chips!


Oh, I have a great idea Kris… Lets Move to MinneSNOWta!  It’ll be great dontchaknow! Okay, so I didn’t like the long lines at the store yesterday, or the people panicking over what has turned out to be more than a foot of snow.  Yes it sucks the white beast is upon us.  UGH! It always seems to strike on the weekends. This is great for people who work M-F and have weekends off.  However my major workday, and thusly my major bread-winning day is Saturday.  So when things like All flights into Minneapolis become diverted to Grand Forks it puts a kink in my plans. 

So about 3:15 we start shoveling out the above knee level snow that has accumulated overnight from the cars so we can get to the office… Our landlords will plow after the snow has stopped. That’s fine, I need my sleep, the snow is still falling/drifting/blowing.  My shovel is broken!!!

Add to this that the alleyway has not been plowed since last night… shortly after the snow started to fall… so there is a good 8 inches in the alley.  We need to use the alley to get to the street.  UGH! We live on a snow emergency route… So if we can get to the main road we are gold… I start work at 4:00.  Yeah right… To get from where I live to where I work is like 13 blocks… about a mile or so.  There were 2 cars stuck in the alley, with people trying to get them unstuck.  So Robb and I rocked my car out of the lot, out the alley, across another parking lot, and into a side street.  Got a running start and floored it onto the main road. 

We got to the office at 4:30.  I have NEVER been late to work in the 5 years I have had my job.  I did call and let the guy on know but still.  To make things even better the work lot had not been plowed.  So we had to trudge through above the knee snow!!! What a workout.  Hope no one needs anything from our warehouse because No one is getting through that lot tonight!

So the adventure continued, I needed fuel! But first, a swing thru Target on Lake Street… with a quick prayer to the snow gods to let the have a shovel left. and the heavens opened up and through the doors of the store there were still shovels. After trying to rock my car and such and not having a chance to fuel up last night, we tried to find a gas station on our way home  First one we went to Robb slid us into a snow bank trying to get to… We opted to head down Lake Street which was a bit more plowed to a Super America where we had a much easier time getting in and out of. 

We headed home, Getting stuck turning from the main road onto a side road where i hopped out and shoveled the street, seeing more abandoned cars stuck there.  Robb kept moving forward as I trudged behind trusty shovel in hand.  I continues to shovel the street and alley and parking lot to get us back home. 

It was an adventure.  Sadly we are stuck home until the alley and lot are plowed now.  The idiots that were stuck in the alley when we left have since abandoned their cars.  This means no plows will come down the alley until those cars have been towed.  So it may be Monday before we get out again.  So here I sit with the phones from work forwarded to my cell… but warm and safe. 

Snowmageddon go away! At least I can shovel this year! Last year I would have been too exhausted to even walk from the street to where Robb got the car to next!  

Remember if you are in Minneapolis we are in a Snow Emergency! Please move your cars!!!!