Charles Barkley, Hippos, & Unicorns.

I was all prepared to come home tonight and write a post about Charles Barkley, I don’t want to dwell on his actions anymore but I do want to say a few things… As I sat in my car today I felt such sadness for Charles. Sadness that he must feel such disgust or hate towards himself for his struggles with his weight. Feelings perhaps that he doesn’t even know he has but seem evident to me after he slammed the women of San Antonio Texas for their size.
Obviously you all know I struggle with my weight, and anyone that has followed Mr. Barkley’s career knows he has had some weight issues too. He was, I am unsure if he still is, a spokes person for Weight Watchers. I think his comments were said out of a place of pain in his own life. I think the fact that he refuses to take them back, or apologize for them is fine, it’s his decision. However to me it shows that he is truly someone with a lot of pain deep inside, and he truly is not happy with the person that he is.

All that being said… I am moving on. I really wasn’t going to end up posting at all tonight when Robb said something that he has said before that just really resonated with me for some reason. … You know in that way that repetition makes you hear things only once you are ready to hear them. Or how you can hear the same thing 99 times and you only actually hear it on the 100th time. (which i am told is part of why Weight Watchers revisits topics in meetings to make it stick)

Robb said “Rhinoceroses give Unicorns an unrealistic expectation of strength.” Now, you probably think this is some weird thing but stay with me on this. One of the things that I say probably once a month around the house is that Rhinos give Unicorns an unrealistic expectation beauty. Tonight when Robb phrased it the other way and made it about strength he changed the power structure. He changed the focus.

In changing the focus he found a way to take charge, and reframe the focus. I guess it serves as almost a wake up call for me. Keep looking at things from every angle. Continue to be curious… and even when you have case of the Mondays… surprises lurk around the corner….